quick update: we're done here.

published on december 8, 2019 || mood: bored

holy fuck, 2018's almost over? damn! that year went by WAYYYY too fast. let's end things off by saying goodbye to neocities, what I've used for my site for nearly 3 years now.

if you're looking for where I've moved off to, check here. no, no, i'm not making a new site and throwing this one away, i'm just moving everything from neocities to another site. and with that said, i'm out of things to say.

see ya space cowboys...


quick update: tired

written on september 5, 2019 || mood: bored

hello, here's some quick updates about the site

first of all, i have decided to change the headers for each page. originally I had used various built-in photoshop filters for the pages. as you can see now they have pictures, mostly of clouds, however there's a couple of exceptions from page to page...

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